Monday, January 22, 2007

Out of hand

It was the day it all got out of hand. Or at least the day I noticed. Blogging at a quarter to midnight I am surrounded by the papers and thoughts from four meetings today, all of which have actions attached to them and none of which I have done same day.

In the gaps between meetings I managed to do the shopping, collect some shoes from the repairers, print off my preparation for tomorrow's staff meeeting, prepare a meal and put some washing on.

The nagging doubt that the difficulty I have been having concentrating on reading led me to book an appointment for an eye test - I'm convinced that is the problem.

See. It is a very dull life and yet it is out of control again.

Better sleep on it.


Mike Peatman said...

Had three opticians' adverts through the door yesterday. I think they may be trying to tell, sorry, sell me something.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar day. I was lying in bed with the attractive one and bemoaning the onset of age meant I hadn't been able to cope with the 15 different things I'd had to do that day. At the end of my bemoaning, the attractive one seamlessley morphed into the wise one and pointed out I had achieved 14 of the 15 tasks and the one I hadn't done could wait.

You might need your eyes testing, but it is also true that it isn't as bad as you think.