Friday, January 19, 2007


There was a gale yesterday. You knew that. On a brief walk round the block I was actually lifted off the ground by a gust for the first time in my life. Not catastrophically but enough for me to register that it was a bit windy. A fence panel laid down its life in the draught.

Thursday is bin day here in Trendlewood. We take our bin-liners and place them on the edge of our land. It is also green waste day and the Council have agreed to take Christmas trees in January.

You're way ahead aren't you? Most of Trendlewood goes to work at 8.30 a.m. so leaves the rubbish out all day (it's collected about 2pm usually). Some put their waste out the night before so that the cats can check it out and rip the bags before dawn. Popping out to weigh down my rubbish first thing I was greeted by a trasher-tape welcome. The air was stiff with juice cartons, newspapers, pine needles and worse.

Yesterday's Trendlewood waste was last seen heading for the coast. Weston-super-mare, we apologise. We are too stupid round here to imagine the consequences of placing cardboard on the lawn in a wind that is strong enough to kill people.

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