Friday, December 01, 2006


For those who followed the series of numbers counting down when we left Leamington Spa the above represents completion. Today we finally let go of 82, Leicester Street after a wonderful fourteen years and a frustrating and costly three months. Rejoice with us.

Yesterday I walked round the house for the last time, prayed a prayer of thanks with Bob for good times had there, read the meters, left a card and some wine for D and I who have bought it and locked the door (properly) with finality.

Moving on now.


Didcot Champ said...

Pleased it finally went through. When do you next check out Gozo?!

St said...

Probably summer 2007 but not intending to leave my holiday dates online for all to see until house-sitting sorted. Why you ask boy?

Anonymous said...

i guess that's what they call closure. Strange not to be able to think of you and Liz associated with a location any more. One day we'll come and check out this Nailsea.