Friday, November 10, 2006

Elastic Bands Found on Pavement

13 red
3 brown

Anyone else want a competition? No actual trying. Just pick up what you happen to pass.


emma said...

Don't talk to me about the irresponsibility of postmen and their elastic bands *twitch* *twitch*. When I was in London on placement it was a game of the boys in my class to collect said bands on the way to school and then use them to flick bits of paper across my classroom. Cutting them up when caught did not help my cause and only increased the game, giving credibility to anyone who could conceal theirs until the end of the day whilst still causing silent and underhand chaos.

Anonymous said...

Didn't have a use for a Daewoo wheel cover, so decided not to play.

Anonymous said...

Briefly tempted to form an empty Oasis bottle collection. No other debris of interest at the moment.