Sunday, October 15, 2006

Things that still need solving

1. Walking to St Francis School without getting lost in a quarry.

2. Tuning the Telewest set-top box to work through the VCR (help please).

3. Where has all my anti-spyware software disappeared to?

4. Why do we have so many power cuts, especially when I'm ironing.

5. Where exactly is the Blue Flame, the only Nailsea pub in the Good Pub Guide?

6. Losing all my DAB radio presets when there is a power cut.

7. Putting the DAB aerial in a place where the signal is strong and I am not holding it.

But please note we have solved the problem of the locked filing cabinet, which has been locked since we moved. Embarrassed to say I specifically prayed about it and asked any lord and creator of the universe out there to fix it. It came open the same day, without the key having to turn or breaking into it. Have now asked same lord and creator of the universe to deal with Iraq.


Anonymous said...

The Blue Flame, ah, it's not actually in Nailsea but in West End.

Yours as ever,

G not Th

PS have just returned from 'marriage prep.' - lots of good stuff for the groom's speech.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Funny how people can direct you to the Blue Flame, but not help solve your other problems. You can tell our priorities in Nailsea.

Anonymous said...

You need to buy a new iron! I did when we moved house. It needs to have an earth, which is why your iron trios the switch.

Chris said...

1. Get a map.

2. Perhaps you need to tune your VCR to work with your Telewest set-top box?

3. It's been removed by some malicious software / spyware? (i.e. I've no idea)

4. Power cuts or the electricity trips when you're ironing? If it trips then you may need to fix your iron. If it's an actual power cut, then no idea. I've got a friend who works for National Grid, I'll see what I can do...

5. Someone else has helped (I have no idea)

6. Is there a battery backup? You could get a UPS, designed for a computer, and plug it into that, provided the power cut is not for long. I've got one you might be able to buy off me if you're actually interested, unused, unopened, still boxed etc..!

7. Does it take an external aerial? You could mount one on your house and plug that it. Otherwise, not sure.

Anonymous said...

1) Enjoy the exploration - you never know who you might meet, or what you might discover

2) No idea. I use Freeview. It's probably on AV3 or something. Ask a teenage boy to sort it.

3) That's Windows. Unpredictable changes of settings. Why do only half of my system tray icons appear sometimes? I could say something smug about Macs here, but that would be cruel...

4) Leak to earth, probably water from the steam system has got somewhere it shouldn't. But a new iron.

5) See previous entries.

6) That's probably a spike in the power when the trip goes, triggered by your iron that needs to be replaced.

7) Use analogue until the coverage is better?

St said...

I think I have one further question. How do you conjure up the motivation to care about all these technological problems? I'll probably fix the iron but the rest; it'll be a while.

Anonymous said...

Every church has someone in it who likes fixing things and solving problems - I wouldn't have thought it would be long before you find out who you can invite round to get all the things sorted..! ;-)

Anonymous said...

If we had a technological problem involving sound and vision in our house, it would be fixed before ANY other chore however urgent!If the speakers are not in the right place, the ambient light not just so, then woe betide the culprit!

Guess who the techno is?