Sunday, October 15, 2006

Nailsea United 4 Paulton Rovers 2

We wandered along to this match in the Somerset Senior League Premier Division yesterday. Now pay attention because I know my lectures on the pyramid structure of the Football League can fall on deaf ears unless I'm buying the beer. If you don't want to listen click here for a full picture of the pyramid.

The Somerset Senior League, sometimes known as the Somerset County League, is in tier 11 of the national structure. That is, given money, skill and development, the club could be in the Premiership in 10 years after 10 succesive promotions. Whatever. It is parallel with the Midland Combination Division 1, so two tiers down from where Leamington FC are now in the Midland Alliance.

But I have to say that the Leamington I watched four years ago winning the Midland Combination Division 1 would have put 10 past the two sides I saw yesterday. Probably by half-time.

Used to paying to watch football at this level it was strange to wander in unchallenged. They took a collection at half-time. Really. Assistant referees were locals in tracksuits giving dodgy offside decisions in favour of their team.

Defences were disorganised, goals were scrappy and Nailsea rose to fourth with two games in hand. I may have to invest. At least they don't play in gold and black, although red isn't that much better.

Come on my lovers. Get your web-site updated.

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Chris said...

I wonder if I'd be good enough to play for "TEBBY AFC RES", or "CONHAM RANGERS"? The bottom two teams in the Bristol Downs League - 24th tier of the pyramid. Really interesting to see the Pyramid and how the local leagues fit into things... Thanks.