Tuesday, October 31, 2006


What risks do you take? Driving? Dodgy. Crossing the road? Hazardous. Opening cupboard doors? The leading cause of accidents in one CYFA Venture Holiday season a few years back.

What causes accidents in the home? Slippers and tea-cosies. They're the killers according to the accident and emergency unit of a hospital in the Midlands.

A vehicle screamed round the bend on Sunday at far too high a speed for a quiet residential area and as I moved back from the edge of the pavement was barely reassured by the 'baby on board' notice in the rear window. Is that why some people don't let their children walk to school but take them surfing/climbing/river walking.

You are, in fact, more likely to be knocked over on the way to buying your lottery ticket than to win the jackpot.

Fishing leads to more drownings than swimming, most years.

What necessary and unnecessary risks do we take on board? Caving or parachuting, as I asked a few days back. I am carefully taking up mushrooming, using reference books, advice and common sense. At the same time, when decorating, I am a little careless leaning over the edge of ladders, trusting my own agility perhaps more than I should.

Getting up in the morning is a risky business.

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