Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Job

I was Associate Minister at St Paul's Leamington Spa. I am now Associate Vicar in the Nailsea Local Ministry Group. Now this is meaningless mumbo-jumbo to many but since publishing it is simply a matter of cutting and pasting there is very little reason to get it wrong.

I think the problem comes when people try to understand the words and rephrase them in language they think will help others. Then that translation gets translated back into ecclesiastispeak and soon it is all a load of small spherical fleshy dangly bits.

I have ignored one or two minor errors, although I know it upsets the people of the other churches in the Local Minstry Group to see me described only as Associate Vicar at Holy Trinity. Rightly so too. But the prize for the most wrong so far is the description of my former post as 'Honorary Curate' allied to the error about only being at Holy Trinity.

And the publication which made the error? The Grapevine - Official Newspaper of the Bath and Wells Diocese. This may take some time.

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Anonymous said...

It must be wonderful to be a chap ho has never made a mistake,