Friday, October 13, 2006

Pretty Picture

Thanks to the BBC Bristol web-site here is me being licensed by Bishop Peter last Monday accompanied by Alastair (left), Ken and Rosey, the other three incumbents in the Local Ministry Group (sorry, should have given a jargon warning).

Read the story here. They kindly give my age and get it exactly right, because it's really important everyone knows I'm 51.

However if you counted the chairs and subtracted the empty ones there were slightly fewer than 200 people there and if they are going to call me reverend they really ought to call the bishop right reverend and I've never worked in a parish in Warwick. Otherwise it's quite accurate.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, Steve. Nice to know you bothered to dress for the occasion! We have a student from Nailsea here, but I haven't met him yet - Matthew found him last night.

Caroline said...

What worries me Steve, is that when I pointed the cursor at you in the piccy it said "Rev Steve Tilley" fine so far, but then it turned out that pointing it at all the people furnished me with the same info ..horrors there were five Steve Tilley's all in the same room one of them looking like a bishop and another looking like a woman....

Caroline Too

Anonymous said...

Five Steve Tilleys: is there a collective noun for such events?

But do remember Oscar Wilde's quote; it is better for people to talk about you than not talk about you, even if the world now knows your age. I read this morning Max Clifford is now free following his split with the FA. Perhaps he could now act as the publicist for Tickenham, Wraxall and Failand?


Graham (not Thurlow)

St said...

Nice point Caroline. I tried it and appear to have become Bishop of Bath and Wells.