Friday, October 13, 2006

The Cellar

This is a lovely little wine bar in Clevedon which serves fantastic, well-priced tapas. Popped in last night without booking and Liz had a lovely rioja (in a beautiful rioja glass) and I had a bottle of Butcombe Gold (no draughts).

We had a bowl of olives and two lots of bread as a starter, followed by:

Fish balls
Chilli stuffed red peppers
Stuffed vine leaves
Tuna stuffed sweet peppers

This cost £20.28. The tapas are £2.50 each.

The link at the top will give you the address, and phone but is only to do with the wine-selling part of the business.

They also sell some of the most attractive glasses, pitchers, bowls and flutes I have ever seen. Good range of magazines if you wish to pop in alone.

They are only open for off-sales after about 9pm and are closed on Sundays, although text in the menu suggests this is being challenged. Anyway we were only there for about an hour, which is perfect for a midweek evening when you want to go out for food but don't want to surrender the whole night.

As you pay at the bar I forgot to tip the efficient waitresses. Double next time.



David said...

You have probably already discovered that the shops in Clevedon's Hill Road area are more upmarket than most Nailsea establishments. Have you tried Nailsea's own Courtyard wine bar yet? It does have the disadvantage that you are more likely to run into some of your parishoners.

Mike B said...

Even better try Lawrence's Bistro in old Nailsea - the other end of town fron you.

PS I supply the wine so it's better than the wine bar! - No draught ales, but good bottled!