Wednesday, October 18, 2006

One day in History (17/10/06)

I published the following to the 'History Matters' web-site. Follow the link above to do likewise.

I woke at 7.45 a.m., roused by my alarm. This is unusual as I am normally roused by my wife, who gets up at 6.00 a.m. but she is away for a few days.

After breakfast of grapefruit and orange followed by a bowl of muesli and some coffee I walked across Nailsea to Holy Trinity Tithe Barn where I helped some people pack boxes for the 'Harvest for the Hungry' project.

I then spent three hours in a church staff meeting, reviewing the past fortnight and planning the days ahead.

I took a parcel to the Post Office and shopped for food (a small pizza for lunch, a steak and some strawberries for dinner). It began to rain during this walk and I arrived home soaked at 2pm.
After eating the pizza with a cup of tea I spent an hour or so at my desk preparing, replying to emails and doing admin.

A man who had taken a conservatory blind away for repair returned with it at 4pm and fitted it. I live in a tied house (it belongs to the Diocese of Bath and Wells) so although I had to pay him £42 for this I can claim it back.

After he had left (I made him a black coffee and had another tea myself) I returned to my desk and worked again, interrupting my flow to read a few comments which had been posted to my blog ( One comment took more time than most to ponder because I seem to have upset someone after only a few days in a new job by something I said, which concerns and hurts me.

Took a break for food. My wife doesn't eat meat so I rarely do either, for ease of catering. Enjoyed inventing a red wine, mustard and pepper sauce for my steak, which was delicious. Had it with a salad followed by some Scottish strawberries. Wife Liz called and we chatted.

Read the papers for a few minutes and then went out to meet someone. Spent a happy two hours getting to know this new acquaintance in a friendly local pub called The Sawyers Arms which will, I'm sure, become a favourite haunt.

Got home at 10.15 (called Liz again on the way home to tell her how nice the pub was) and read the papers in front of the TV, and then in bed. Lights out at midnight, much later than usual.

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