Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Received a letter yesterday from a good friend addressed to:

Reverend Stephen Tilley (and Liz)
Nailsea on Sea
Near Bristol

It was followed by the correct postcode. The mail sorters had writen 2-38 on the envelope, which presumably is the range of houses covered by that postcode and the postwoman had written 'try 29' next to it. Respect.

Same day I received two pieces of post for number 27 and number 31 took in a parcel for me. It's a lottery out there.


david said...

We all like to moan about the postal service, but it is amazing how good the post(wo)man on the round can be. My mother-in-law (who lives in West Yorkshire) received a letter addressed with her name, "the house with the labrador plaque in the porch", no house number, wrong street name (with question mark), correct post town and no postcode.

Chris said...

My wife works for our church. Any post addressed to the church, with the correct church address on it, but her name gets delivered to our house because the postman knows she works from home!