Monday, September 18, 2006

Sermon Cricket

Friends Ali and Chris confess that they weren't paying full attention during my evening sermon because they were playing sermon cricket. Every time the preacher mimics an umpire's signal you score the appropriate amount of runs or lose a wicket.

126 played 96 or something like that. At one point I signalled several fours in a row. All this done one-handed because I was holding a Bible all the time. No wides or leg byes then. Cheeky gets.

Incidentally you should see the look on a congregation's faces when you say twelthly. Are you scared yet, Nailsea readers?


Anonymous said...

sounds an intresting variant on a game i have heard of called sermon bingo.

chosing particular common christian catchphrases & etc. create bingo cards and use them throughtout the sermon.

the downside is, if you get your whole card, to declare your victory you have to stand up and shout "praise the lord"

Matthew Pilgrim said...

A few years ago we set our pastor the challenge of inserting Fast Show lines in his sermons, and, bless him, he did pretty well. I guess nowadays it would need to be lines from Little Britain, which could prove a little more challenging!

When you're settled in Nailsea take a trip up to the Olive Garden on Hill Road in Clevedon, it's a fantastic Italian deli.

Dennis said...

No worries from Nailsea, we have a silly mid off and silly mid on both with helmets (of salvation) in position.

Anonymous said...

We already have a grading system for sermons based on 'Conference Lights'. Amber is overun 5 minutes, red is overun 10 minutes, flashing red overun 15 minutes, exploding red overun 20 minutes etc. The Archdeacon managed a green on Sunday, he can come again as we do not get many of those!

Debbie K said...

No!! Looking forward to meeting the person who can put into print the things I'm thinking! Scary or what!! Hope the move goes well and the farewells aren't too emotional or stressful. Just enjoy.