Tuesday, September 19, 2006


If you've been faithfully reading me, turning up looking for insight or respite, terribly sorry. I missed '7' but it was a hard day yesterday. After a day's leaving services and shared meals at church I had the funeral to take of someone I'd got to know well and liked. In the one hour before the funeral our staff meeting spent its time sharing memories of me which was terribly moving and a bit like stretching exercises before sport. This was emotional stretching before a funeral. Didn't quite work that way though. I think I ruptured a heart-string.

Went to bed at 9.30 p.m. and slept from 10-6 without moving. Heart-strings on the mend.

Have also been a little distracted by taking all the things I own and putting them in boxes or the tip. I just finished dismantling a flat pack wardrobe which has been erected since 1980 minimum because I remember ending up in it on the bedroom floor in Oversley Road. The house was filled with helpless laughter, the source of which Liz couldn't locate so thought we had a ghost. So long ago in fact that I couldn't recall how to spell Oversley. We need more helpless laughter. Now.

Current house sale proceeds slowly and we have crept to within 2k of our bottom line. There are two people still in the hat so it looks like we will sell in the next day or so.

Having a night off to watch Leamington FC tonight, possibly for the last time for a while.

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