Saturday, September 23, 2006


There is a reason why detail is important. Why 23 isn't 24 and that matters. You, whoever you are, probably thought there wasn't that much difference. How wrong you were.

The locking up was going well. Then I noticed the PA room, for which I have no key, was unlocked. So I unlocked the locked door to the office corridor. Then unlocked the locked door to the office. Then unlocked the key cupboard and took down the key to the PA Room. Number 24.

Then I walked across the church to the PA room, brandishing the key which didn't fit in the lock. Taking it to a place light enough to see I discovered that it wasn't the key to the PA room at all but the key to the office filing cabinet. Number 23.

Backtrack. Office. Key cupboard. 24. Cross church. PA room. Lock it. PA room corridor. Lock it. Office corridor. Office. Key cupboard. Return 23 to 23 hook and 24 to 24 hook. Lock cupboard. Lock office. Lock office corridor.

It's 1245 a.m. and Cafe Create is over for ever.

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Kathryn said...

Hope that doesn't hurt too much, Steve. I'm just beginning to realise (with thankfully at least a year and probably 2 to go) how very much all these endings and movings can tear you apart.
Thinking of you...