Sunday, July 30, 2006

Old Stuff

In the corner of the study, in a cardboard box, on top of the end bookshelf, was a plastic bag. It was old, dusty and rotten. It contained some letters from friends written shortly after they left for university in 1973 or 4.

In a remarkable exhibition of how we have moved on in our racial awareness I note that I didn't, apparently, bat an eyelid at being called 'woglips' in one of them. How easily we read today's awareness back into the past.

But better than the letters. Better than my student's union membership card with a quite amazing photo taken after the night before's excesses, I found my old gig tickets. From 1973 onwards I kept my gig tickets.

Now I've often said that if I had my time again I'd by a T-shirt at every gig I'd ever been to and E-bay them, but these tickets are really cool and include 60p to see David Bowie at Birmingham Town Hall 1973 and also Led Zeppelin Group 1973 for £1.00 at Birmingham Odeon. By contrast my ticket for the 1970 League Cup final was 25 shillings (£1.25).

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gone said...

Not long ago i seen a dvd of David Bowie, first time i heard of him, he rocks guy!

60p huh?