Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Odd Injury and Relocation Gazette

Regular readers of this blog will know I don't do normal injuries. You may recall my cuts received by the Coventry Diocesan Youth Office Safe Practice Manual. You can perhaps stretch your mind back to the burn on my left forearm caused by failing to believe that the iron was hot enough to burn my right forearm.

Well today I have a badly bruised knuckle on my left hand. This was caused by hitting it at least twenty times with a rubber mallet yesterday. And for those who can do DIY please note that holding a masonry chisel and using it to clean old mortar off old bricks is a skill that takes practice and that practice involves pain.

The house looks so nice now I am ashamed it took the lure of selling it to persuade us to do it up. Liz tidied the study yesterday and it looks lovely. I could almost work in it. I found the computer this morning in the third draw of the filing cabinet under I for IT. The printer now has framed photos of the boys on it. I have a rug, to hide the worn carpet, and there are two plants in here. They'll never get out alive.

It's Sunday. I am a clergyman. End of.

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