Thursday, June 01, 2006


Miles Kington wrote a lovely piece in the Independent over the last couple of days. As an occasional inprovised performance poet I read with interest because it always amazes me how rarely audience suggestions of words to include in poems actually include the ones which you really have to contrive to rhyme.

Orange is well-known and I have long-feared pint but Kington also lists:


Some of which I've managed to avoid. To make rhymes for these, unless you know differently dear readers, you need to do something clever. Such as:

In Kbanga they pronounce it as irringe
On a vitamin C overdose binge
For double protection
Just try an injection
It rhymes if you fill up a syringe.

Doesn't look that good in writing but it reads well. Talking of which, here's my little poem about rhymes and word-shape:

Sword is an awkward word
If you rhyme it with chord you've not erred
'cos rhythm and metre
Will make it complete a
Poem wherever it's heard.


St said...

Guess what? Letter in Thursday's paper suggesting two rhymes for rascal, one of which us Christians should have known since it is Paschal - pertaining to Easter.

Jonathan Potts said...

Afetr the 2003 Rugby world cup, it was noted on Radio 4 that "Jonny Wilkinson" is particularly hard to find a rhyme for. There's a challenge.

Ewan said...

Always thought violence went rather well with silence. If you use the silent 'o'.

Martin said...

So, are you doing performance poetry at Late Create. If so, watch out - these words WILL be called out. :-p