Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Me Map Grab

The two day Stephen Hughes presentation skills workshop I attended five or so years ago is still the best piece of preaching training I have ever had. He gave many useful tips and techniques including, 'How to begin.' Me Map Grab desribes your first two minutes, or sometimes less, in a public speaking presentation.
  • Me. This is me; who I am, what I do, why I'm here.
  • Map. This is where we're going in the presentation.
  • Grab. This is why you should listen; why it's important.
If there are two of you doing the presentation then follow the more alliterative and Godstuff copyright mnemonic We Wot Why. Thing is, it can all go horribly wrong. Follow this link to the Ship of Fools website and rejoice you never grabbed people thus.

Thanks Nige for the tip.

1 comment:

Mike said...

this is good, Steve. Just realised that my most successful presentations did this by accident. Now I know why, I can make sure more work properly.