Friday, June 02, 2006

Desert Islands

There will be a lot of posts today as I have just finished a massive piece of work for World Vision and can spend the day writing four or five things at once, dropping the text into the best place it will fit and reading/surfing as I like on the basis that some of this 'reasearch' will make some of the projects better.

David Cameron was the castaway this morning so at least it wasn't a violinist. His list had been sneaked out to the press amid much guffawing that one of his choices was Ernie - the Fastest Milkman in the West by Benny Hill. It was.

Politicians on D.I.D. often give the impression that their lists have been assembled by spin-doctors trying to pick records to please each of their main supporter bases, like dieticians assembling meals from the major food groups. Thus we had REM, Dylan, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, Mendelssohn, Radiohead, the Killers and Benny Hill.

But Cameron was able to talk convincingly enough about them all which was either because he was convinced or a well-briefed politician. Who knows?

He is unlikely to get my vote but I haven't taken an instant dislike to him, so he is doing better than most conservative leaders, so far.

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Martin said...

Doing a lot better than Michael Howard! Then again, I didn't mind him too much till I heard his asylum policy - I hope this guy's is better.