Sunday, April 30, 2006


2000/1 Division 1 6th
2001/2 Division 1 2nd promoted
2002/3 Premiership 19th relegated
2003/4 Division 1 2nd promoted
2004/5 Premiership 17th
2005/6 Premiership 18th or 19th relegated

How consistent is that? Between the 17th and 26th best team in the country five seasons running.


Andy said...

I sincerely apologise for my connection to your demise!

But atleast we sent one of your rivals down too, that's got to be some consolation.

Mike said...

Sorry to hear of your sorrow.

Up here, Morecambe are in the play-offs for a League 2 place (v Hereford United), and Jono and I have tickets!!