Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Thought for Yesterday

With grateful thanks to Matt for his meditation in yesterday's St Paul's staff meeting:

How do you understand history? No-one ever agrees about history. Was that a foul? They're still arguing after five slow-motion replays. And they're the experts. Whose fault was the accident? Who struck the first blow? Did the holocaust happen? Was Jesus real? Still arguing.

Maybe we should worry less about history and more about the future. At least we can be certain about that. Enter the experts. Global warming. The sun burns away. Our sun. Terrorism. Conflict. Famine. Step back from the edge. Don't think about tomorrow. It's a long drop.

The past's over. The future's uncertain. Live for today. What's wrong with that?

You have maybe another 10,000 todays. What you gonna do with them? Get them right and people will maybe notice your take on the past and bright hope for tomorrow. Get them wrong and...

What's next?

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