Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hunt the Spy

For all those who have heard the account of Hunt the Spy at Great Ayton CYFA Venture 1989 or so when Jon played the part of a mini-spy hiding in my suitcase. You didn't believe me? The evidence is now available. Thanks to Phil for letting me have it.

As we walked back from the group photo Jon complained that his legs were tired so I did carry him (flat) in the suitcase down the High Street. And a woman did complain that I was being cruel. I was being kind madam. Kind.

It doesn't seem to have harmed Jon's growing up that much although stories of him waking up after an all night drinking session in Thailand wearing a better pair of sandals than he started the night with might suggest otherwise.

By the way my tash is real. Wasn't Jon cute?


Anonymous said...

We are reinstating Hunt the Spy at Falcon camp this Easter. My blood is running cold at the thought of the potential mayhem. Too late for second thoughts though as I hear one team member has acquired a full size rabbit suit to wear. The risk assessment could make interesting reading - shame you didn't get to write one for Jon in a suitcase.

Mike said...

I was there for that game, Steve, and I can vouch for the authenticity of the photo. The tash did make you look uncannily like a Chuckle brother