Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wardrobe - Epilogue

If you've not kept up with the wardrobe discussion go here and here and then return.

My wardrobe and chest of drawers have been auctioned. To be precise my '...part walnut veneered bedroom suite comprising of a three door wardrobe and tallboy' has been auctioned.

The hammer price was, wait for it, £5. The costs were £2.41 so I have a cheque for £2.59 which I will be drinking soon.

But hang on a minute. The cost of collecting and delivering the same to the auction house was £30 plus VAT = £35.25. A nett loss of £32.66. It would have cost £15 to take it to the tip and nothing if I could have given it away on Freecycle. The piano and farmhouse table are going there.


Martin said...

Why are you getting rid of the piano? It seems an awful thing to do. Electronic Equivalents are just not the same. I think for instance that it is a great shame we don't use the piano in the Church Lounge. We should move it down the front, tune it up and mike it up. much better than tinkly keyboard pretending to be piano!

Martin said...

By the way, swapped the broken F with a less used note, so now have a semi-fixed piano.