Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday 2

Sabbatical Sunday 2 and the deep joy of blogging at 10.10 a.m. rather than sound-checking radio microphones. Off to another local church in a bit but it starts at 11.10 for reasons only Anglicans can explain properly.

Read yesterday's Guardian in bed with a strong pot of espresso. Clumsy grammar. Read it with my eyes not coffee. Discovered that in Italy a priest is being sued for saying Jesus Christ existed when he didn't. Someone tell the litigant that Christ is a title before he loses a lot of money. Jesus was a common name around that time so if Jesus of Nazareth didn't exist it was probably someone else with the same name.

Actually Jesus is still a common name and in the Leamington Courier this week he was listed as someone who committed a motoring offence.

Have been watching the West Wing series 5 which I bought yesterday. Liz and I get totally emersed in the West Wing and tend, while we are in the midst of watching a series, to have snappy, semi-sarcastic conversations in passing. She's better at it than me but her public persona is more sensitive.

Managed two croissants this morning because I wasn't nervous about anything.

Ooh the dullness of this post.

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Col. said...

If you had read page 2 of the Careers section, which you may well have done, you would have seen an article titled 'Who'd be a vicar'. Perhaps this will give some food for thought for your future career plans.