Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Some of you will know that I have eight weeks leave from my St Paul's work starting on Saturday. This week finishes with Friday night's Cafe Create with two bands, two solo artists a poet and a story teller. Since there aren't many opportunities for selfishness in running a church-based arts cafe have decided to put the band I'm playing in top of the bill. Sipyerwine2it will be performing Zero7esque funky lounge/jazz. All original material. Only our second gig but making a fine noise in rehearsal.

Then I am off until March 19th.

It is a slightly weird sabbatical since I have time off from one of my two part-time jobs. My writing clients will not agree to pay me for doing nothing.

I hope to read, explore a full-time ministry job, undertake a bit more writing for pleasure and see if I can get a couple of publishers interested in my novels and screen plays.

By the end of the two months I hope to have made my mind up finally whether to go back to being a clergyman full-time or move on to writing full-time. The former decision will be an emotional risk; the latter a financial one. Whichever decision I take I think I will probably stick to it until retirement. Actually can't imagine ever retiring from writing. Writing for me is like retirement since it is doing what I really like doing. Not that the grammar of this post makes that especially clear. I am having the sort of week where I do everything badly.

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