Friday, January 13, 2006


What's going on? I've been Elizabethed.

Woke up, as usual next to Lizzie, Elizabeth 1.

At my desk and Elizabeth 2 phones. She runs a small B. and B. business and some guests have managed to lock themselves in their room and break the key in the lock. Can I suggest someone practical who can come and help? Avoid suggesting Big Ron from the pub with his jemmy and give phone number of reliable man who rescues the church whenever we need practical help.

Taking a break later I wander into town and on the way meet Elizabeth 3. Interesting conversation about the relationship between artists and writers and difficulty of self-promotion with appropriate humility. Wish she was available to accompany me on the walk into town every day but we have to separate - she to buy her vacuum cleaner bags, me my groceries.

In the supermarket later buying scourers and cloths Elizabeth 4 comes up to me and revisits the discussion about 'listening to God' (see August 22nd) saying she now understands that what I meant was that God no longer speaks to us audibly and she owes me an apology. Rather than taking conversation further (I suspect if I ask questions to find out exactly what she means I will still disagree with her) I indicate my pleasure that she no longer disagrees with me and that I made her think and continue up the aisle searching for cleaning materials. I guess I should be happy my sermons are so memorable.

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Martin said...

Was going to refresh myself, but ended up going back to the wrong year - 2003 - still, is interesting sometimes to look back, as long as we don't wallow in it.

I don't think I ever been elizabethed, although I think I have probably been steved at work (these are london steves, you are not involved, and I only managed 3, not 4). No doubt you will eventually be Martined, as there are quite a few of us around.

hmmmmm... enough gibberish from me, time to do something useful again.