Saturday, December 17, 2005

On Computers

I've been away for a bit. Not away from the computer. I've been away from doing anything useful exept trying to cure the computer for the last 36 hours and have emerged triumphant. On Thursday night my Norton anti-virus software decided that the Norton Firewall was a virus and quarantined it. It refused to allow any access to it even to uninstall all Norton programmes completely. Big up to Richard at PC Peace of Mind - who talked me down and then through the process for downloading the softare to remove the programmes that had ceased protecting my computer and started attacking it.

A computer which is attacked by its own immune system can only be described as suffering from advanced HIV.

I now have free anti-virus and firewall protection and a computer that once again does the few simple things I ask of it. Nothing Norton anywhere. Or Symantec. Now I need to sleep without undertaking mental downloads.

I'll be blogging properly tomorrow then. Laters.


Martin said...

Congratulations on you PC triumph!

James Horn said...

I had the unfortunate case of trying to replace mcafee with norton the other day. As you try to install norton, it tells you that mcafee is installed and refuses to go any further (like a petulant child being stubborn when someone else is sitting in their favourite seat).

If you try and uninstall mcafee it attempts to use quickclean (part of itself) and stays in an endless cycle of attempting to uninstall itself.

I'm sure there is some sort of sermon illustration there, I just haven't worked it out yet...