Friday, November 11, 2005


Sorry about any of you who have suffered the bereavement of a close friend since yesterday. I expect I'll be sued.

Accompanied Mrs T to see Jamie Cullum last night. Have to admit to being impressed. He plays guitar too. Did you know that? Also pleasing to see an artist put on a show with ad libs and audience inter-action plus explanations of lyrics. Makes you feel like you are at an event rather than someone playing their latest CD loud.

As a great musician he can afford to be accompanied by the best and a word of appreciation to his percussionist who played a solo (don't worry - I know drum solos are usually dull) which included removing a crash cymbal, throwing it across stage (it landed in perfect time) and, without missing a beat, played his way out of the kit, down a mic stand and across the stage to pick it up treating it as a bouncing hi-hat on arrival and then playing it in his hand all the way to the kit again and putting it back without missing a beat. Cool. Saw Rick Hudson of the Strawbs do something similar at a festival in 1972 but not since.

Making the 3,000 capacity Birmingham, NIA Arena seem intimate is a rare skill and Jamie managed it. Respect.

Also noted one of his band played sax, guitar, keyboard, percussion and sang too. Sick making.

Supported by P D Bell who managed that rare trick of performing several songs none of which I liked but all of which had a lengthy good bit.

Good to hear my old friend Jez Wiles is still earning a crust as a percusionist too. He gets a good mention on Stew's scratchings site. Do visit. It will almost certainly make you feel there is someone in the world worse off than you if nothing else.

Random ramblings tonight. My friend Ewan is getting married tomorrow at St Matthew's Cheltenham. Cheltenham seems to be muscling in on my life and trying to take over at the moment. Ewan once, as an 18 year old Careforce volunteer at CPAS, stood on a desk and said, 'Steve Tilley - you bore me.' Love you. Looking forward to meeting the wife. Think I'll book him for a return to Cafe Create while I'm there. He went down well in May and he should be in a good mood. He has two names. Some call him Ewan and some Peter. Fascinated to know which one he gets married in.

Next Cafe is Friday week 18th November. Still space for non-musical, non-poetic acts.

Tonight. Dinner out with Saima and Paul. Saima has become a professional, life-style consultant. I think that means she burns all your clothes and starts over. What even the Baggies shirts? We'll see.

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Martin said...

I have so must respect (and, to be honest, a bit on envy too) for all those multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters. Ones that spring to mind at the moment are Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz and Andrew Mort (Atlum Schema). Maybe I could overcome the performance bit and learn lots of instruments, but the song-writing is a different matter I think. Anyways, glad that you enjoyed a concert by, what appears to be from your description, some of these geniuses.