Thursday, November 24, 2005

Corrections and Clarifications

Does anyone else read back through their own blog and correct the spelling mistakes. I do. Just wondered if that was normal?


Stewart said...

I correct my spelling mistakes, if I spot them. And well done on noticing that you got 'philosophical' wrong in your latest 'Big Blogger' entry. I thought about pointing it out at the time, but decided this was a bit too petty-minded, even for me.

Andy said...

Hah! I do too.

In fact, on this subject, my wife sent me an e-mail containing this snippet yesterday (we do communicate normally too, not just by e-mail!)

"Ooh, one more thing, if you ever would like to utilise your wife's free spelling and grammar check service, just let me know :) (this could eliminate your pernickety wife's facial twitch which is mysteriously triggered by reading your blog)."

So you see... Sloppy grammar is bad for your marriage...


Alan said...

Happened to press the 'next blog' button.

Yes, I do that as well. Sometimes my wife would also point out the mistakes.

It would be better to spot it and correct it yourself and let others point that out to you.