Thursday, October 27, 2005


I walked over to Tachbrook Park this afternoon. It was a pleasant autumn afternoon. I walked down through town and along the canal. The canal world was a bit busier than usual as it is half-term. (Canal world is not a giant waterway-based theme park although how long will it be before... no. Don't go there.)

The person I had to see has an office on the Retail Park, or mixed-use business park as they lovingly call it. It is certainly not a park in any agreeable sense of the word.

Why does the Retail Park have to make it so difficult to be a pedestrian? Every time I walk the last half mile of this journey I take my life into my hands. The canal side footpath leads up a steep, stepless bank too close to MacDonalds for comfort. Still haven't stepped into one since 2002.

The pedestrian route through the Park involves walking through Sainsburys car-park having crossed the road at a busy traffic island where drivers are too busy looking out for each other to look out for you.

Taking a tip from the Eden Project book I would like to suggest some advantage be given at the supermarket check-outs to people who came on foot. Fast track those who bring their own bags too.

The round trip was a five mile walk and four miles of it was lovely. People on narrow boats say hello to you.


Chris said...

Why no MacDonald's since 2002?

Martin said...

yes, I also wondered that.

St said...

I gave up MacDonalds out of a desire to do something concrete to:

Eat less red meat
Eat less junk
Eat slow not fast
Not patronise an organisation that finds its packaging strewn all over the streets and fields