Saturday, October 29, 2005

Leaving Home

Strange that having sons two years and four months apart in age they should both leave home within three months of each other. I talked about the importance of not having a soundtrack to associate with such moments on 2/8/05. I have managed not to this time round. 'Move on now' by Hard-Fi still reminds me of the day Jon left back in August.

Liz has a fairly organised disposition with some ability to be laid back. I am the opposite. Jon, was packed the night before, had given me a clear set of instructions about how to deal with his left-over property and how to find his house in Exeter.

Ben, who leaves today, after coming back to live with us for a few weeks while he found a new place in 2003, still cannot tell me the address of the property he is going to live in. He knows where it is but doesn't know the address. It is just round the corner so it is an 'I'll come for my tea on Mondays' sort of leaving.

It is 4.10 p.m. After a gentle meander through the day including me making him breakfast, a spot of lunch, reading the paper and returning bits of property of mine he found under the bed, he is sitting in the lounge reading the paper; not in the slightest bit concerned that his friend is late calling for him. An alleged van is coming to pick up some furniture at some alleged time later. There are things to be kept, things to recycle, things to go to charity shops, things to go back to his brother, things he will call for later and things we need to store for a bit. They are in six piles but I don't know which is which.

He has a lovely disposition, cares greatly for people, is fabulous company and drives me to utter despair - all these possible in the space of about fifteen minutes.

Liz is on duty at work this weekend and has gone to start the process of opening a new Cargo Homestore in Gloucester. Perhaps a good decision.

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