Monday, October 31, 2005

Leaving Home (Continued)

Saturday ended with the news that Ben's friend would not be bringing the van round and the big stuff would be going the following day. Having set aside the whole of Saturday to help him I can be of no practical use on a Sunday. Ben eventually moved to the house with no address (yet) by making three trips in his new landlady's mini.

When he was born I was told by my boss at the time (in the world of insurance claims) that I could have as much time off as I wanted as long as I did the end of the month returns. Ben was due on 21/1/80 and arrived on 31/1/80. The metaphor continues.

On Sunday the van turned up and the big stuff (one cupboard and six tons of vinyl) made its way to the last house on the left in the third on the right after the hill. Well that's an address that means we may find him one day even if the Post Office don't.

For the first time since we woke up on 31/1/80 (apart from a brief practice during university terms 2002/3) Liz and I live alone together. This is a good thing but quite emotional. Truth-seeking may be on hold for a week or two. It is 8.16 a.m., the time Ben normally puts his head round my study door and says goodbye when he goes to work. Bye Ben.

Liz is going off to Gloucester to open a new Cargo this week. She will miss Steve Forbes who made shop-opening happen. His funeral is on Friday. I will be living alone for a few days.


Martin said...

this will sound like a picky odd question, but when you say vinyl, is that the musical variety, or a type of flooring?

Caroline said...

Let yourself miss them, Steve

and don't tell to many jokes to hide a strange-sort-of-gap that wanders into your days when you're least expecting it

St said...

Ben's alter-ego is DJ 'jamin, occasionally heard at Cafe Create, so it follows that the vinyl was LPs and he has not taken the flooring with him.

Martin said...

I didn't realise that the Caf's DJ was your son - wow, you've surprised me - don't know why it should be suprising. Never mind...