Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cooking Stuff

Two discoveries:

1. Dill and ginger butter makes a fantastic accompaniement to fresh tuna steaks. Lots of dill, bit of fresh ginger, knob of butter.

2. River Nene Organic Vegetables sent us a thing from outer space this week. It is a romanesco cauliflour. Its florets grow in spirals within spirals. The maths must be beautiful. You'd expect to encounter it as a rock on a crater-strewn lunar surface, evidence of volcanic extrusion in some earlier period. But par-boiled and baked with another (purple) cauliflour and a cheese sauce it was cracking. In fact put those two together with an ordinary white cauliflour and big up the cheese and you'd have my new restaurant dish:

Three caulifour bake with three cheese and mustard (cheddar, gruyere, parmesan and a small spoon of English mustard) sauce.

I'm the caterer and the speaker at Alpha tonight. If you say alphacatering you have a very useful stand-in swear word as in, 'I'm fed up of your alphacatering; get out.'


holyphil said...

sounds good. what time's dinner?

Finker said...

delighted to read of your culinary exploits. joy.

Martin said...

Sounds very nice and enviro-friendly. And tasty at the same time! out of interest, are you a meat eater or vegetarian? If meat eater, where does that come from?

St said...

Hi Martin. Hmmm. Where does my meat eating come from? My parents I guess. But I'm married to a non-meat eater (not strictly a vegetarian because she likes fish)so I tend to eat little meat when I'm eating with her unless I want to cook two dishes.

Or do you mean where does my meat come from, as in how far has it tavelled to get on the plate? I try to eat British dead animals in the main.

By the way Liz is not an ethical vegetarian. She has an intolerance to meat which givs her really bad stomach pains; always has. She has no objection to making animals into handbags or shoes.

Martin said...

when I say where, I mean, is it local delivered, local from a butcher or market that knows where it's from, or marked as british in the supermarket. I know you mentioned where food came from in the sermon - I was listening - I just had a bad memory for specific details. Oh, where is that how many planets do I use thing?

Alas, at the moment I have little influence over where my food comes from. I don't buy it - someone else does that. Still, when I get my own place I would like to re-visit this, think about it a bit more.