Thursday, September 22, 2005

A New Kind of Christian 2

Received encouraging feedback to my post on McLaren in the shape of a call and an e-mail from a couple of friends. I didn't mind feeling alone (I am a loner after all) but now feel accompanied.

I have been referred to a couple of other blogs which I have perused but as ever found myself being slightly depressed at the ease with which others seem to post podcats, photos, powerpoints etc.

I love my typos. I meant podcasts. Podcats. The indisputable leaders of the gang. They're the boss they're the whip they're the championship, they're the most tip top Podcats. My brain is made of butterflies some days.

Make those butterflies work for you. Industrial strength butterflies can get you back to the point if you get 'em all flying in the same direction. Great Clor album. Butterflies. Caterpillars, Travis, New Testament, Easter, CL59, What I should be doing at the moment, bye...

1 comment:

Stewart said...

Steve, you need to email this blog entry to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple.

Tell him you don't know what Podcats are (a Tamagotchi style game that you can play while listening to MP3s?) but that he should feel free to run with it any way he thinks fit. And that you only want 1% of any profit Apple makes as a result.

And you can give me 1% of your cut as my commission for telling you to forward the idea. I'm not a greedy man...