Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Life Helps

Just a couple of snippets of usefulness.

1. I've been registered with the telephone preference service for ages and it has seriously cut down the number of people who make me choke on my tea by trying to sell me insurance or laugh myself to death weighing up whether to get double glazing or pet insurance. Hmm, on balance I think I'll have the dog's cavity insulted. Memo to self, get a dog. The thing is that you can now register your address on the same web-site and get your junk mail reduced too. Cut down on those credit card offers and save paper.

What a fantsatic typo. Meant to say insulated. 'Tomorrow I'm having my cavity insulted.' Now what would that be like?

2. Book crossing is another latest craze. Read a book then go to the web-site, review the book and leave it (the book not the web-site) somewhere public for the next reader. There will be some books you want to keep for reference but that Elmore Leonard novel you read on holiday. Jolly good fun but why are you keeping it? Don't lend it to anyone, give it to them. Or book cross it and see where it ends up.

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