Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Magnetic Poetry

As I prepared to welcome the family on Sunday I realised that our combination of 'food' and 'erotic' magnetic poetry tiles were probably going to lead to more questions from my little nephew than I could handle. Quickly jumbled up some of the, 'suck my enormous sausage drool' type lines and here is the replacement:

Purple summer beauty
Shiney vision of eternity
Spring gone away
Winter sun to black death
Picture the delicate power
Rainy frantic love
I ache for a storm sky
As shadows ask the wind
To produce me light

Show through my moment
Tell me what you will
Let music whisper in
Then I will soar as a thousand beats

But when the tiny chant is over
Do not ask after me in language
I am
Drunk raw and weak
Sweet singing
True friend above
I only worship

Big up to da magnets.

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