Thursday, May 26, 2005

George Galloway

Now there's a man I loathe. Notwithstanding Paxman's hounding of him on election night I still couldn't forgive him for not having something gracious to say about Oona King, whose loss politics will feel.

But the way he scrapped with the American committee investigations restored my faith in politics' ability to still throw up interesting people. Galloway was wrong - having absolutely no concept of the lesser of two evils that means Iraq could be our friend one year and our enemy the next - and also under-researched, but in terms of unsripted political rant, what a joy.

I'll have have him in Parliament any day over and above the Blairite robocab. The man seems to care about something. Thank you George. Now just stop talking rot and you can change the world.

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Caroline said...

Do you think that maybe the search for a fully thought through, correct politics is part of the problem?

if I have fully researched, and fully explored every nuance of a topic, what room is there left for debate?

i can only refute your ideas, I can only protect my position. There is not chance for exploratory conversation, not chance to co-create an alternative, only snarling compromise or absolute victory.

thinking about it, isn't that a problem in our church at the moment?