Thursday, May 26, 2005


Finding myself with a lot of things to do yesterday I was getting a bit stuck as to what to do first when I remembered my ventures clip-board. Now stick with this because it may seem weird at first, but for seventeen years I helped run a CYFA Venture. That involved wandering round a boarding school organising things, remembering things, making announcements, leading meetings and a whole load of other stuff you don't need to know about. No device could give me 'all-jobs-at-a view' like a clipboard. I needed a piece of A4 paper lying stiff and with little boxes for all the different tasks.

The beauty of this is that you could have a list of jobs to do and a list of people to see. So yesterday I was able to ask two people I wanted to see about something else for their ideas about questions to ask a Youth Minister at an interview and I was able to remember that I was looking for readers and pray-ers for Sunday morning's all-age service. Anyone asking me to do something got asked to do something for me. (This tends to cut down on the amount of people who ask you to do things, if they always get a job in return.)

Memo to self; when busy turn back into clipboard man.

Old venture friends will remember my clip-board which has, 'If Steve Tilley isn't holding this there is no point in telling him anything' written on the back.

I wanted to record this for the benefit of those of you who, in the middle of a conversation, have to ask me to slow down because the palm-top, lap-top, palm-pilot, blackberry won't keep up.

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