Thursday, May 12, 2005

General Election 3

This is not a new thought but it needs saying again. The Prime Minister has said he will listen more in the light of the General Election result. Commentators and general public are hearing this as 'I am going to do more of what the people want.'

I don't agree with the Prime Minister very much these days but, as someone charged with leadership of various things from time to time I listen a lot and then do things the way I think they should be done. I often push projects in the direction of a minority opinion because the minority opinion is new, creative and untried.

Listening to what people say does not mean agreeing with what they say or doing what they want. If you want that sort of democracy - we only take decisons on anything if the majority want it - the change-fearing population of Great Britain will stay stuck where they are for ever. I wish the PM would act on his listening a little more, but the fact that he doesn't is evidence that he thinks we are wrong not that he is not listening to us.

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Caroline said...

Of course the "I'm listening" is nonsense. Similar to "I hear what you say" which always used to mean at CYFA houseparties that Don would carry on as before. :-)

In a similar way, Blair has learned nothing, does he still thing he was right to go to war? Who knows, but one thing's for sure, he will carry on in his way unless others stop him. But how? there you have the problem of our so called democracy. sigh