Monday, April 25, 2005


Just as the tundra has perma-frost and nothing melts six feet below the ground although the surface does (forgive me if I have mis-remembered O level geography, it was a long time ago, so long they called them O levels) I am perma-knackered.

It's a strange concept but a friend introduced me to it a few years ago as the best way to describe his condition and I never understood it before because I never got it before but I think I got it now.

Symptom 1. I want to entertain friends but if they stay beyond 10 p.m. I am so sleepy I simply want them to go however rude I appear to be.

Symptom 2. I wake up in the morning and although beyond sleep I am still tired.

Sympom 3. I could list a number of interesting things to do but can't maintain the effort to do any of them for more than ten minutes.

So I need a break and will have to contrive one sooner or later.

Please don't feel this is the first sign of ME or a breakdown or something. It is the first sign of having been busy for three months and then having become less busy but not stopped. It is like running full pelt for twenty minutes and then not being able to cope with a jog to warm down. I can still do my job, complete a gym programme and be reasonable company before 10 p.m. (Well I think so anyway).

Tomorrow we have tickets for the Faithless farewell tour in Birmingham which should be a good night out.

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