Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thought for the Day

As delivered on a cold morning at BBC Radio Bristol just now:

How well prepared should you be for something that happens once in a lifetime?

It is easy to be prepared for terrible weather if you live in a place where the weather is consistently the same sort of terrible every year for four months. Would you be so concerned to invest in the latest snow-removing technology if the machine is likely to become obsolete before you need it?

Jesus posed a couple of questions to his followers. In one he suggested that no-one builds a tower without first working out if they can afford to finish it. Otherwise the half-built structure stands as a memorial to their incompetence.

On the other hand, he said, no-one goes into a battle they cannot possibly win. They negotiate terms.

With some things you figure out if you can afford to. Others, if you can afford not to.

Of course Jesus wasn't talking about towers, battles - or snow for that matter. He was talking about the ultimate statistic. One out of one people die.

Sit down and work out whether you can risk not being a Christian. If you're wrong and head into life's battle unaccompanied you may lose big time.

Likewise sit down and work out if you are in a position to make a commitment to a life's service. Otherwise your half-built life will bear witness to your poor discipleship.

Fancy being a Christian? You can't hack it. You're not tough enough.

Not sure that advertising campaign would get many responders. Or would it? I bet there'd be people up for a challenge.

Come and join my church. It's hard work, there's no salary and if you tell people what we believe they'll mainly think you're bonkers. That's the truth. But maybe you couldn't handle the truth.

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