Monday, December 31, 2018

Football Quiz of the Year 2018

Slightly different format to the quiz this year. Goal-line technology has left studio guests unable to demonstrate their lack of grasp of parallax, leaving them only failure to understand the laws about the tackle from behind as a subject in which to announce their ignorance. But, up until the point that Curtis Davies appeared and started getting order in the right words, the punditry on televised football left the English language utterly manglamated (as a former secretary of mine once put it). So, can you match the mixed metaphor with the manager; the aberration to the expert? And yes, Stephen Warnock does appear twice. I could have used more.

1. 'The wheels fell off last year and they're kicking on.'

2. 'He scores goals and that's why he's a top goalscorer.'

3. 'He couldn't miss from there; he made it look easy.'

4. 'A great goal; he never fails to disappoint.'

5. 'That's the passion which transpires, I mean transcends, into the players.'

6. 'Clean sheet away to Brentford; it doesn't get better than that.'

7. '...behind the scenes he's steadied the ship.'

8. 'In this war of nutrition of the Championship.'

9. 'You can't underestimate how important...'

10. 'It's come to him quick; he's got a lot of time to think.' 

A. Lee Johnson
B. Chris Iwolumo
C. Dean Ashton
D. Stephen Warnock
E. Clinton Morrison
F. Stephen Warnock
G. Martin Keown
H. Mark Noble
I. Lee Dixon
J. Ian Holloway

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