Monday, December 24, 2018

Advent Thought 23

It gives me a lot of pleasure to finish my Advent thoughts on number 23 because that is the length of Advent this year starting, as it did, on  December 2nd. And so it finishes with a surprise. Chatting to my local undertakers a few weeks back they let slip that they would be dropping off complementary bottles of wine for Christmas as ever. I think they could tell that my face, twelve years into its stay in Nailsea, said, 'What wine?'

Turns out it had been delivered to the offices of the various churches I work with but had never actually reached me. This year I got my own, labelled bottle. Tonight I drink the health of those professions who will be on duty over Christmas. Thanks undertakers especially. You do a fine job. Cheers for the wine.

Happy Christmas everybody.

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