Friday, December 14, 2018

Advent Thought 12

Two fine looking younger people. What's going on? A kiss? A conspiratorial whisper? I think we can tell who is in charge, for sure.

We tend not to be the sort of household where portraits of the family are displayed. So this picture is not available in the public rooms at Tilley mansions. It is a detail from a larger collection which we invested stupid money in around the time of our silver wedding anniversary. We keep it on our bedroom wall.

What happened to those two? They moved house, changed jobs, saw their children leave home, gradually became the older generation and yet also, nothing changed.

We all need a bit of stability in order to find our way though turbulence. Blessed? Fortunate? You decide. We'll take either description.

In so far as a picture can be true it was true once and has been true ever since. Freeze frame now. Is it true? Is it universally true or just true for the moment?

Journalistic pictures, like advent hopes and longings, are always telling a deeper truth. What do you see? What does it say?

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