Sunday, December 02, 2018

Advent Thought 1

These are very nice pieces of glass. They are not unlike Nailsea Glass but pre-date our arrival in Nailsea and are from Gozo.

They hide in the corner of our bathroom and are a daily reminder of a place we love very much and always look forward to revisiting.

Advent is about waiting, hoping, resting and praying. We recall that these are good things in their own right, not simply the difficulty to be endured before the fun.

I like this glass and yet don't care for many other examples of the type. I like to look at it. It is ornamental, not functional. So it points to a positive future experience but can be enjoyed for what it is, now.

During Advent 2018 I will post a daily glimpse into the hidden images of my life and home and ask the questions each time - what are they for and to what do they point?

Journey with me.

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