Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Thought for the Day

So, after five years and 130 thoughts the gang at BBC Radio Bristol gave me some theme music, although it was in homage to the very poorly Aretha Franklin. Still, I felt welcomed. Today's thought:

Some cyclists and some pedestrians not playing nicely eh? What to do?

Do we heed the advice of the Bible, which calls us to be slow to anger?

Yesterday I was behind a very large lorry which, presumably due to a satnav error, was on a single track road where the passing places were too small to allow anyone by. Through the power of telepathy and reversing lights the whole queue, including the lorry, squeezed back up to allow the oncoming traffic past. In the midst of this one car, without thought for the possible cause of the delay, overtook the whole line of stationary traffic and then had to do a long backtrack of shame, avoiding eye contact with all of us smug drivers who had been patient.

Earlier I had been driving along another lane when I came up behind a pedestrian. My car runs quietly but I was amazed he hadn't heard me. Then I saw the headphones. I contemplated a toot on the horn but chose instead to move closer and rev louder. Vicars really should be good at revving. The guy noticed and stood on the verge. I drove by. We both waved and chuckled.

This is not simply to demonstrate what a fine member of the community I am. Anyway, I have a radio slot to tell my stories, which is one way of not getting angry.

I am telling you this because your anger is in your control. Stupid cyclist / pedestrian or not, never say 'You made me so mad'. They may have irritated you but your anger is not in their gift. And saying it is, is to give the other person too much power.

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