Thursday, February 01, 2018

Thought for the Day

As presented at BBC Radio Bristol this morning:

Delighted that Cameron Balloons in Bristol have been chosen to make a special balloon for Blue Peter's 60th Anniversary. I have a Blue Peter badge which I won for being a runner up in a Christmas competition - a few years ago.

I'm wearing it today alongside another symbol.

Actually I may be wearing my sister's badge. We found it when clearing Mum's flat and it could belong to either of us. She let me keep it.

It is a sign of being part of a club. A precious club which now has three generations of followers and fans.

It's a few years since I was at vicar school. It was a great experience but things could all get a bit serious. Friend of mine had a great antidote to people getting over-earnest. He'd turn up next day wearing his Dennis the Menace fan club T-shirt and badge. The St John's College Common Room subscribed to the quality daily newspapers, the Church press and the Beano.

Badges are important. The earliest Christian symbol was a fish - because the Greek word for fish - ichthus -also spells out the initials of Iesu Christos Theos 'Uios Soterios -Jesus Christ God Son Saviour.

Some Christians still wear fish symbols or have them on their cars. I suppose it makes sure your driving is a good witness.

But many Christians also wear a cross - it reminds us of Jesus; specifically his death. That's the other one I have on today.

What badges do you wear? And what is the deeper truth behind them? For a badge is a sign or symbol of belonging. Belonging to the club of Jesus followers is my most important badge. Blue Peter means a lot to me; the cross means everything.

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