Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Football Quiz of the Year 2017

This year's quiz is based on having spent too much time watching Football of Five:

1. 'If you get a touch (on the ball) it's a fair tackle.' How many years is it since Steve McLaren read the rules of football?

2. 'You've got to grasp the nettle before it stings you.' Would you trust Martin Keown on a field trip?

3. 'He's got some of the best feet I've ever seen.' How familiar is Clinton Morrison with anatomy?

4. 'His performance, until he left the field, was outstanding' (Micky Gray) Name some players who have made outstanding contributions having left the field.

5. 'It started 0-0; it could have gone either way.' How much would you pay Phil Brown for this?

6. '...and Matty Taylor wasn't going to miss from there.' Did Bristol City supporters share this commentator's optimism?

7. 'I feel this is an unobtainable lead.' Can you help Mark Bright describe a 4-2 lead with five minutes to go?

8. 'Give Hernandez service like that and he will score 99 times out of 100.' Is Chris Kamara watching the same games as us?

Finally, an essay question. Re-arrange theses clichés into a Chris Iwolumo analysis:

Must do better
Gotti hit the target
Little give and go
Great ball in
Everything is spot on
He'll be delighted with that
Can't happen
Can he get his shot away?
From the get go
Ticks all the boxes for me
They're on a fantastic run, they've just got to get back to winning ways
Showing great quality
What a finish
It's a big, massive game
I gotti say
Should be better
Always on the move
Just that little bit of quality

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