Monday, December 18, 2017

Advent Thought 16 and Cash

Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie. Yeah, money sure makes the world go round, but can't buy me love (that's three if you're keeping up).

I don't care too much for money. I like having enough to be able to be generous with it. I tend to do that rather than save it for a rainy day so I am not very good at providing for my future at the expense of somebody else's present.

In 1973 my first month's pay-cheque was £63. I noticed that my colleague, who had been at the company two years, got £100. It seemed like a fortune.

I gave some money to my parents for my keep, lived pretty well socially and saved enough for a mortgage deposit in four years. If you had told me that one day my net salary would be £1800 and I wouldn't have risen to seniority at that employer I would have laughed at you.

We moved from Advent hymns to carols yesterday. And we had some Christmas readings.  It is hard to pick the Victorian parenting advice from the theology. Even harder to pick the history from the myth in the readings.

What we can do is dwell on the things put on the lips of the characters by the gospel authors and ask ourselves why. Why does Mary say 'Let it be to me as you have said.' Because the response to God's message at Christmas, angel-deliveroo or dawning realisation, is obedience.

Whatever circumstances you find yourselves in, even as weird as being with child without the fun of conception, accept that it is you, you are here and it is your circumstance. You probably won't be able to move on until you have settled into being the you to whom it must be.

Maybe choose one begger not to ignore today. It could have been you.

And that was much deeper than Monday morning 7.00 a.m. was ever meant to be, I'm sure. Lot's to hold in your heart and ponder. Have a good day.

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